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About Us

   Welcome to Vintage Autoworx

We are a family owned custom vinyl business that specializes in vintage gas pumps graphics. We offer many different items, shown here is our specialty product, ad glass (advertising glass panels) for your vintage gas pump, fully customized for your pump restoration. 

Each piece of ad glass is made from 3/32" thick glass, custom cut to the size of the ad window for your pump. Then, we add customized vinyl graphics that are cut in-house with our high resolution vinyl plotter. We can produce almost any gasoline or oil brand and will also add any name that you wish. We can do first names, last names, business names etc. Once the graphics are added to the rear of the glass, we paint each piece of glass with high quality gloss enamel paint so the finished piece can be illuminated from behind once it is installed in your gas pump door. 

If you don't see what you are looking for, please feel free to ask. We can cut just about anything that you may want. 

We offer single color, 2 color and 3 color vinyl. Additional costs may occur for multiple color work, and custom work will require an additional time to manufacture. 

Our Products
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